About Us

We hear more and more often that the quantities of non-biodegradable waste in the environment are constantly increasing. No wonder since it is one of the major issues of this century. We can only be glad that the activities of ECSO JSC contribute to the global waste management system and well-being of the world.


The main activity of the company is the collection of secondary raw materials from economic entities (companies, large supermarkets, shops and other organisations) and private individuals. Effective company activities and successful development have helped to establish strong relationships with the partners. In order to achieve our goals, we concern about both large organisations and individuals, as well as their contribution to turning the materials unsuitable to use into new and useful raw materials.

ECSO JSC started its activities in the autumn of 2009 and since then it has been developing dynamically by gaining the reputation of a reliable, responsible and loyal partner in the secondary materials market. We can safely say that during such a relatively short period of time we have gained a lot of experience. This is evidenced by the ever-increasing quantities of the materials to recycle given to the processors.

Thanks to our young and open-minded team with brilliant ideas, today we can boast of a solid customer base not only in Lithuania but also abroad. We relate business development with foreign markets. Therefore, ECSO JSC cooperates with the partners from Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, etc. The main clients of the company in the Lithuanian market are the major retail chains. We are proud of our professional staff and appreciate their willingness to grow and develop. ECSO JSC team is diligent, responsible and honest. We solve even the most complex tasks together because we strive to achieve our goals.


To become a renowned and reliable global supplier of pellets and other plastic products.


We work to make the earth breathe easier.

Environmental protection

The activities carried out by ECSO JSC comply with all the requirements of the environmental law.


In order to improve the quality of the company management and service processes, ensure a successful and targeted company development, as well as a stable and competitive position in the market, Ecso JSC has obtained ISO 14001: 2015 standard certification.


The Group of Companies ECSO consists of Ecso JSC, Eko Service JSC and Granulės JSC. The Group history is relatively short: Ecso JSC was established in 2009. Its major activity was the collection of secondary raw materials and their preparation for recycling. Polyethylene film and carton waste were collected mainly from the retail chains. They were sorted out, pressed and supplied to processors.

Another Group company Eko tarnyba JSC is engaged in the processing of secondary raw materials, in particular all kinds of plastic packaging and plastic waste.

At the end of 2015, Granulės JSC was established and the factory was opened to collect and sort out plastic waste for recycling into pellets. The whole amount of the raw materials required for the plant is bought by Ecso JSC. In the autumn of 2016, it moved from the paper handling business and focused on the film.

Granulės JSC produces pellets from secondary raw materials upon the client’s request and individual needs. Particular attention is paid to the quality: raw materials are sorted out twice, then washed, crushed, and filtered when molten. It ensures a high-quality product to the customer.

In 2018, 9840 tons of plastic pellets were supplied to the market. More than half of the production is exported. The export range of the Group of Companies Ecso is really very wide: from China to Palestine with which is currently being traded directly. The pellets produced by the company are exported to most of European countries.